Our one-of-a-kind shops add to the distinctive character of Roxbury-in-the-Catskills, carrying locally produced and handmade items you won’t find anywhere else. Combine the pleasure of your friend’s inquiry “where did you get that?” with a stroll down one of the prettiest Main Streets in the Catskills, and you’ve hit on one of the more satisfying types of retail therapy out there. 


Unique treasures complementing both traditional and modern decor.

Roundback Antiques

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Roxbury Hair Salon and wedding specialist.

Twisted Sister Salon

Quality shopping experience offering a variety of carefully curated crafts, gifts, homewares, and clothing.

Roxbury General Store

Your home town liquor store featuring a large selection of exquisite wines, ciders, and spirits

Roxbury Wine & Spirits


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Fruitful Furnishings

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Your discount store in the Catskills. Fabulous Designer Brands!

Just Shop Boutique

New Craft Farm Distillery in Arkville NY

Union Grove Distillery

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