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Irma Mae Griffin: “Any News?”

When the telephone rang in Roxbury, there was a good chance it was Irma Mae with a two word question, “Any News?” If the answer was “No,” she’d hang up without another word and be onto her  next call, with no time to waste on idle chit-chat, in search of anything she could print.

Irma Mae was the Roxbury correspondent for four different newspapers (and you think you’re busy!), and she did it all with a land line and an Underwood. She worked for the Catskill Mountain News for over 50 years, gathering and sharing the news, happy and sad, and making sure everyone in her beloved hamlet was ‘in the know.’

Irma Mae was a natural historian and went on to write The History of the Town of Roxbury in 1953. In August of 1987, Roxbury celebrated this town gem with Irma Mae Griffin Day, honoring her achievements and contributions. She passed away in Oct. of that same year.