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Whether you love hiking, biking, swimming, golf, kayaking, fishing, skiing, or leisurely walks in the woods, Roxbury has it all--all year round.


The beauty of the Catskills has drawn many artists working in different forms, from music, dance, and performance art, to the visual arts, poets and writers, and talented crafts people, we have an exciting community of artists inspired by these mountains.

 Roxbury explore
 Roxbury explore


Explore and experience our farms,

farm stands, and our wonderful array of  agricultural products the Greater Roxbury area has to offer.



The vibrant village of Roxbury merges a feast of 19th century architecture with a cool, contemporary vibe. Walk the Main Street where Jay Gould grew up, and wander the woodlands where John Burroughs came to "have his senses put in order."  History resides here

 Roxbury explore