BLURB from Simona David, GRBA Co-Founder: Greater Roxbury Business Association (GRBA) Celebrates Its Seventh Anniversary This Summer

August 27, 2019

Dear members:

This year the Greater Roxbury Business Association (GRBA) celebrates its seventh anniversary. The organization was founded in the summer of 2012 by a group of entrepreneurs who identified the need for the Town of Roxbury to have its own coherent business group to promote local businesses in a cohesive fashion to ensure the economic vibrancy of our communities.

The founding of the organization coincided with the implementation of the Town’s current Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in May 2013. The Plan identified a number of positive as well as negative elements that characterized the local economic climate.

Strengths included:

  • Small town atmosphere and friendliness;

  • Historic rural environment;

  • Attractive Main Street with distinguished historical architecture;

  • Outdoor recreation opportunities, including hiking, skiing and golfing;

  • Air and water quality.

Weaknesses included:

  • Hamlets are disconnected;

  • Lack of cohesiveness and coordination;

  • Lack of a common marketing plan for tourism activity, lack of economic development, lack of Main Street businesses;

  • Lack of incentives for retail and restaurants;

  • Not enough hotels.

The Esopus / Delaware Study, which was conducted around the same time, also identified a series of challenges: lack of business training, lack of social media expertise, lack of customer service skills, limited social infrastructure for youth, not enough promotion of cultural activities.  

Since its founding in 2012, GRBA has made its mission to capitalize on the Town’s assets while at the same time address some of the shortcomings identified both in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan as well as The Esopus / Delaware Study. The first organizational task we set to accomplish was to increase awareness of existing businesses in the community; afterwards, we worked tirelessly to improve coordination and communication across the board to create a focused agenda and spearhead economic vibrancy within our town and throughout the region.

The overall vision for Roxbury as outlined in The Town’s Comprehensive Plan has been to maintain its historic character, ambiance and quiet lifestyle while expanding economic opportunities and increasing local businesses, particularly those “oriented to tourism so that the town is known as a historical, recreational, and cultural destination.”

The Greater Roxbury Business Association has positioned itself as the Town’s marketing arm while launching Visit Roxbury campaign to promote the Town and support its economic development. Over the past seven years, GRBA has increased the Town’s visibility through a series of initiatives, has provided business training opportunities for local business owners, and has coordinated tourism-related activities that make Roxbury a destination.      

As this year marks GRBA’s seventh anniversary, the organization has been awarded a tourism grant that will make possible the acquisition of a new logo, the design and distribution of a rack card with map included, and the production of two guidebooks with itineraries that will help visitors explore the area. These are exciting developments that will make us stronger as a business community.

None of us could imagine Roxbury today without the Greater Roxbury Business Association. We’re looking forward to many more years to come.

BLURB from GRBA President, Esther de Jong: First Friday EAT & MEET Breakfast with the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce

December 07, 2018

Dear Members,

I had the pleasure to attend the First Friday EAT & MEET Membership breakfast with the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, hosted by Wes Coates, Director of DURR, sponsored by NBT insurance and catered by Cassie's from Roxbury. These meetings typically happen every first Friday of the Month and I highly recommend our members to attend. It's a great way to learn about what is happening in our county and to connect with other businesses from Delaware County.


Ray Pucci, President of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce: 

* Toys for Tots Drive is a great succes, there are more than 27 collection points in the county. This coming Sunday December 9th at noon, DURR is offering a free ride and Meet with Santa (including hot coco and cookies!) for any passengers that bring a toy. 

* 12 Days of Chamberness, promoting the members of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce on social media. Be on the look out for Ray and Lillian with their Holiday Hats!

* The Chamber is working with the County Clerk in Delhi to simplify and greatly improve the form "How to Start a Business in Delaware County. Members are given the opportunity to add their brochure to the information packet that the chamber is offering to potential new businesses. This is a great way to offer to another member and connect.

*SKI AND SAVE - Do you want to drive more customers to your business? Sign up to participate in the Chamber’s “Ski and Save” Campaign this winter season!


All you have to do is offer an incentive of YOUR choice (examples: Free drink with meal purchase, 10% off total purchase, Buy 1 Get 1, stay 2 nights get 1 free, etc) and call the Chamber at 607.746.2281 to let them know that you want to participate.

Wes Coates, Director DURR: DURR received commitment from the Catskill Watershed Corporation for the invest ment in a new restroom trailer, two new locomotives (to get the train to Highmount). DURR received a $500000 grant and will be looking to expand their charters. DURR is hosting Thomas the Tank Engine in August of 2019

Andy Cahill, Delaware River Solar: invited all members to join the state program of solar farms. Easy to join, no cost to sign up and 10% off on your new bill. If you sign up with Delaware River Solar, WIOX will receive a $50 donation.

Bruce Transue, General Manager Belleayre Mountain: Looking to connect with local businesses. There is lots of opportunity here. Sign up for Ski and Save! 

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