AMR Studio Tour

Launched in 2012, AMR (Andes – Margaretville – Roxbury) Open Studio Tour features the works of over twenty artists working in all artistic disciplines and styles – painters, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, ceramicists, furniture designers and textile artists, who all live and work in the Central Catskill Mountains.

Building on a century-long tradition that started with the Hudson River School, contemporary artists continue to be inspired and moved by the place once known as America’s First Wilderness, and what we refer to today as the place where American art was born. 

Plein air painters, non-objective artists, crafters, artisans, and art writers – they have all found the Catskills as the perfect place to be for producing new works. AMR Open Studio Tour, which takes place the last weekend in July, gives visitors the opportunity to interact with the artists in their studios, witness the creation of new works of art, and ask questions that perhaps a more formal setting like a gallery or a museum space would not allow for. All artists will show works in progress and finished works, sell, and give lectures and demonstrations.

Located in a bucolic scenery, the studios provide a unique experience for visitors to explore the area and learn about art directly from the artists.